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This is a site not only where you can hear my rants and raves about every little thing, but you will get a change to get into my mind and find out how i work and why im so FREAKIN WEIRD!! Please enjoy the rants and raves from the mind of a potentional Director and Producer. Wont you Join me?


Saturday, May 08, 2004

Wow, its been all to long.

Life is somewhat hectic. Im going down to see Gigi in a few days and its going to be totaly awsome. Im looking forward to a small vacation. Ive been needing to get away for a while now.

Ive been hanging out a lot with Jeanne. She is awsome. I love all the time we spend together. NO WE ARE NOT A COUPLE, we are just friends. But we hang out a bunch and she is totaly fun.

Work is work. Ive gotten burnt out on the job just becuase some bull shit has piled up and it sucks.

I havent filmed in a really long time. Im hoping to start filming again soon and maybe make a fun little thing in mississippi. Other than that all filming plans have been put on hold.

Thats my life right now in a nut shell. I really have nothing else to report on.


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