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This is a site not only where you can hear my rants and raves about every little thing, but you will get a change to get into my mind and find out how i work and why im so FREAKIN WEIRD!! Please enjoy the rants and raves from the mind of a potentional Director and Producer. Wont you Join me?


Saturday, July 03, 2004

Ok, So the masses (meaning all of you who read this) want to know my views on Spider-Man 2.
and now its time for The MAD MAN AT THE MOVIES!!!!!!!

Everyone knows the story. Geek kid Peter Parker gets bit by a geneticaly altered spider and now can craw on walls and shoot shit out his wrists. This makes the love os his (up untill now never even noticed him)fall deeply in love with him.

The movie WAS THE GREATIST MOVIE EVER MADE. Just proves the fact that Director Sam Raimi is a fucking GENIOUS. Bruce Campbell once again had an awsome roll. The movie was just perfect. Never a dull moment when you whished the action would start. The pace was great, the "Evil Dead" scenes are very imparent in this movie. Lets all recall (those who have seen it) to the Operating Scene in where DOC OC was in the hospital. From the start of that scene to the end of that Scene was completly "EVIL DEAD".

How might you ask? The camera at various points takes the form of the "tenticles" as the evil force in "Evil Dead" chases its victoms (as does the arms chase its victoms). The "quick zooms" are there like in "Army of Darkness" when Bruce is making a new hand (going from far away shot of a tool to a quick zoom of the tool) as in here, a quick zoom on a horrified doctor to a quick zoom on the "CHAINSAW" just a little out of his reach.

On opening day I saw this movie 3 times. 3 TIMES!!!!!!!! The movie was the greatist movie ever made and everyone should go see it atleast 3 times.

Im tired and need sleep. FRANKITS OUT

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Ok, i guess Its been a while and i probably wont be wrong in the asumption that few if none will read this due to the fact that I havent posted in a really long time. Anywho, here it goes...

I AM IN A RUT. Im having trouble trying to find my place in life. What am I really susposed to do? Who I truely am? and other crap like that.

I have come to the conclusion that every day that goes by, a little part of me dies because Im not filming.

And thats about it in my life. Nothing really big or new to report.

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