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This is a site not only where you can hear my rants and raves about every little thing, but you will get a change to get into my mind and find out how i work and why im so FREAKIN WEIRD!! Please enjoy the rants and raves from the mind of a potentional Director and Producer. Wont you Join me?


Monday, November 08, 2004

Wow, who knows how long its been sence a post.

Posting hasnt been the first thing on my mind in a while. Here is what has been going on in the mad man's life.

about a month ago my computer started acting weird. I didnt know what was going on and just kinda ignored it. Well, it just started craping out on me. I had my moms boyfriend look at it and I guess it had 30 virus's. So he had to reformate and clean out my hard drive and had to start from scratch. So now my computer runs faster, loads quicker, and has NONE OF MY VIDEO ON IT!!!!!!

Last month I went down to that video game compition. It was a bust but we all had fun. We made a movie and just hung out and found a cool arcade that had a few dance dance machines.

I just completed my first episode of my new show "Some Damn Good Video". Its really funny.

Other than that thats about it. Girlfriend is good and life is good. Damian (my wagon) still rules the road.


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