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This is a site not only where you can hear my rants and raves about every little thing, but you will get a change to get into my mind and find out how i work and why im so FREAKIN WEIRD!! Please enjoy the rants and raves from the mind of a potentional Director and Producer. Wont you Join me?


Monday, April 11, 2005

So, i guess I have fallen off the face of the earth. Lots has gone on sence I last posted.

1. I have started filming again. Have a bunch of new cast and am looking to get a new show rolling soon.

2. This past weekend (april 9) I went to the APE comic con where I got to meet Jhonen Vasquez. For those of you who dont know, he is the creator of Jhonny the Homicidle Maniac and Invader Zim. He signed my comics and Jeanne and I got to take a picture with him. Also, Rikki Simmons was there. He is another comic colorist for Jhonen and did the voice of GIR. It was awsome. Jhonen also did a Question and Answer for about an hour that I got to film. It was an awsome experence.

I am going to start a web page soon that is just about me because I am a conceided prick. I am going to post those picture as well as other pictures because I cant post picture on blog because I am stupid!!! YEAH FOR STUPIDNESS STUFFY STUFF!!!!

Anywho, talk at ya laters

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